13th Mar 2019

Turbo-Charge Your Karting Stag Do

It’s stag season once more, and as the age old saying goes, it’s time for the groom to enjoy his “last night of freedom”. How times have changed. If you are about to marry the woman of your dreams, it’s likely that you won’t have been a free man for a long time now.

However, a stag do is the perfect opportunity to celebrate getting married with all your closest mates and just generally have a laugh. At Absolutely Karting you can go wild and kart the night away with your family and friends!

If you’re the groom, your stag do will be fairly stress-free (which is only fair whilst you cope with the stress of planning a wedding) and the stress of planning this highly anticipated event falls dutifully to your best-man.

So, if you’re a best man and have been tasked with planning an exhilarating, fun fuelled party, we’ve pulled together a list of some important things to remember when choosing a location and activity.

1. Don’t let it be a kart crash (not just literally)


As with organising any big event, it is important that the first thing you arrange is the date. You will probably have a long list of uni friends, old colleagues and family members to include on the invite list and ensuring as many of them as possible attend, get the date settled on as early as possible.

It’s probably worthwhile creating some form of group chat, this will help when trying to pick a date and sharing information. It isn’t recommendable however, to start asking for everyone’s ideas and opinions, as this can get complicated. Once you’ve set up a group chat and introduced yourself, it’s a good idea to set out a few key dates and ask for everyone’s availability, you can then choose the most popular.

Remember, don’t choose a date too soon, you need to give yourself plenty of time to plan!

2. Location, location, location


Viva Las Vegas or Up the Toon. Whether you decide to stay in the UK or venture abroad, you need to make sure there is plenty going on. Most stag dos will entail some kind of fun activity followed by a big night out (BNO). Make sure you properly research different activities and cities you want to go and make sure there is suitable transport links and accommodation.

3. Budget to suit everyone


Of course it would be lovely to arrange a week in Vegas attending all the biggest parties, but this just isn’t feasible for everyone, you need to remember to take into account different financial circumstances. This could be an awkward topic to approach with people you don’t know, so a good way to get round this is to initially lay out proposed costs and make it as reasonable as possible. If you’re keeping things local and staying in the UK, it might also be worth giving people the opportunity to go for just the day.

4. Channel your inner David Brent (without the dancing)


Probably the least fun part of organising a stag do – management! Making sure everyone knows (and remembers) what’s going on, pays the outstanding money on time and organising fun/embarrassing games and costumes for the groom.

You also need to ensure everything is planned to the smallest details. Transport is key, make sure you know how you’re getting to each activity, and this is factored into spending costs.

5. Activity is key

right time icon

Finally, but probably most importantly, make sure you choose the right activity. There are many great possibilities for fun, fast paced and exciting activities to choose from including; paintballing, abseiling, zorbing and go karting. When choosing an event, make sure it doesn’t take up the entire day and night, allow people time to recover from the inevitable hangover but don’t take away from the night out. Limit yourself to a few hours maximum.

The Go karting race


At Absolutely Karting, we have some awesome Stag Do offers and our Bristol track is located just a short distance from the city centre if you want to follow up with a busy night out in one of the country’s busiest cities.

The go karting race will begin on our famous indoor endurance tracks. This adrenaline fuelled event requires strategy, communication, teamwork and sheer endurance – the perfect activity for a stag. Similar to our group events, which we host – trophies are also included for the top drivers during the race.

Your stag or hen do karting experience will be hosted by a team of professional and dedicated Race Stewards, to ensure that your group is not only safe, but have fun at the same time! After you register your team, you will then receive a full safety briefing, which will be delivered by the race director. We do this so you know how to get around the track safely.

And best of all, if you book into our Bristol track, the stag himself can enjoy completely FREE!