7th Feb 2018

Try something new this year at Absolutely Karting

Was this the year you said to yourself that you would try something new? Perhaps your New Year’s resolution was to be more active, to start doing more with your weekends or even to take up a new hobby? Well, Absolutely Karting may be just the thing you’re looking for.

If Go Karting wasn’t something you did as a child then it’s quite easy to go through life having never experienced the thrill, but if left until adulthood, karting can seem quite daunting.

However, if you want to have a go, then don’t make excuses, don’t put it off and don’t worry that it will be too difficult or that you’ll make a fool of yourself – trust us, you’ll absolutely love it.

Karting has a multitude of benefits that often get overlooked. While it’s a great sport for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies it’s a really good option for anyone and everyone and here’s a few reasons why:

Why Go Karting?

Sharpens your mind and your senses

The shape of a go karting track is designed to test and strengthen your reflexes and while you’re whizzing around the track, you need to have your wits about you. Go Karting trains you to concentrate and keeps your brain sharp. The adrenaline rush from karting sharpens your senses and you learn quickly to make decisions for yourself.

Go Solo

While Go Karting is a fantastic team sport and there are many options for races and corporate events, it is also something that suits people who just want to get on with it on their own as you don’t have to talk to anyone, it’s just you and your kart.

Great Gym Alternative

Go Karting keeps you fit and active. The adrenaline hormones released during go karting boosts your metabolism and at the same time, your biceps and triceps get a workout, helping to strengthen and tone muscles.  Nobody does it better or faster than us, our Karts are the biggest and most powerful state of the art 270cc machines that are sure to get your heart racing. Not only this, but the endurance nature of the race improves your stamina levels.

You can actually improve your road safety

While Go Karting might not look or sound safe, it really is! We take safety very seriously at Absolutely Karting and with our essential safety induction, taking part in a sport like this reinforces learning about health and safety and teaches children important safety skills, including road safety and the importance of following instructions.

Family Bonding

It’s a very inclusive sport suitable for adults and children as young as 8 years old so it makes a great activity to do as a family. It doesn’t matter about the weather either, at Absolutely Karting we have indoor tracks with two levels so if it’s too hot or too cold, raining or shining, you can always get on the tracks for a safe and fun activity!

How to get started

If you’ve never been before and you’re feeling a little apprehensive, fear not, here’s a list of all you need to know:

  • Once you have booked, turn up prepared for driving by wearing comfortable shoes and clothing – no heels or open toed shoes.
  • You’ll have an induction with our experts and they will talk you through all the safety regulations.
  • You’ll be given an overall, balaclava, gloves and helmet.
  • You’ll have the chance to ask questions before being allocated a go kart.
  • After a check of all your safety gear you will be directed to get into your kart, with our race team adjusting pedals as needed to ensure you can reach your pedals safely and are comfortably seated.
  • Then it’s a quick brake test before getting onto the track.
  • If you’re nervous, try to relax and remember You can go at your own pace, you don’t have to race. Once you get going, you’ll love it.

Still interested?

After all that, if you’re still interested then you’ll be pleased to hear that at Absolutely Karting, not only can you just ‘Arrive and Drive’ by yourself but we offer Kids birthday parties and group bookings. Whether you’re a best man looking to host an awesome stag do or wanting to take the team on a corporate go karting experience, Absolutely Karting is the place for your group go karting experience.

And if you really love it…

Which we’re sure you will, then there are plenty of opportunities for you to continue and improve your racing skills our open events. You could also get involved in the Absolutely Karting Open Championships.

Get your fun filled thrills at our three popular destinations, book now for go karting in BasingstokeMaidenhead or Bristol experiences, see you on the track!