Our Double Level Maidenhead Go Karting Track

Thrill seekers, listen up! Our double level Go Karting track in Maidenhead is taking Go Karting to a whole new level! Our awesome double level track is an exciting, safe and challenging circuit, meaning that both beginners and pros will be able to improve their go karting skills and have fun too. Perfect for family and friends (including children from 8+ years), our Maidenhead track is ideal for adrenaline junkies.

How to find our Maidenhead Go Karting Track

Absolutely Karting Maidenhead is close to Maidenhead Train Station, along the Stafferton Way Road. It’s easy to find and we offer free parking for all customers. Should you need help finding our Maidenhead Go Karting track, please get in touch with our staff or head to our contact us page.

About our Maidenhead Go Karts

The fleet of powerful, state of the art 270cc Go Karts will power you up the ramp to the second deck, help you to fly round the bends, through the chicanes and back down the ramp! Our petrol powered Go Kart engines are the biggest in the industry and the Sodi GT5 Go Karts are equipped with patented and unrivalled impact absorbing technology, making them safe as well as thrilling!

Features & Membership

Maidenhead Track Features

  • No licence required
  • Racewear provided
  • 270cc Adult Karts
  • Up to 45mph
  • Specialised Kids Karts
  • Double level track
  • Average lap time 40s

Absolutely Karting Membership

Can’t get enough of the features & facilities of our Maidenhead track? Then join the Absolutely Karting Club today! By signing up to our exclusive go karting membership, you our club membership benefits – all year round at any of our go karting tracks in the UK, with this membership. Here are just some of the amazing benefits of the Absolutely Karting Club Membership:

  • Free karting on your birthday
  • Free balaclava (Yellow)
  • Fast track briefing
  • Invites to member only events
  • 15% OFF “Arrive & Drive” sessions, any time.
  • 10% Off Race wear


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