20th Dec 2018

Party planning for a teen?


Party planning for your teen is not an easy task. They can be difficult people to please and depending on how old they are they can want very different things. Do you let them have the run of your house? Do you need to book a venue? Who do you invite? And how much will it all cost? There is a lot of things to consider when planning the perfect event for your teenager.

Look no further, we’re here to help inspire you and think of all the things your teen might want. Or we can just take the party off your hands altogether? (More on that later.) The key to planning any party and especially one for a teenager is organisation.

How to budget for a party


The first thing you need to do is decide what your budget is. Let’s face it, every teenager wants the world, but what they want and what they get are two different things. Once you know the budget for their upcoming party then the other decisions will be far easier.

What kind of party will your teenager want?


Next up, deciding what kind of party you want. Can you have it at home or do you need a bigger space? Or do you need to book a venue or an activity? Paintballing or Laser Quest are great for big groups and especially teens but if they’re looking for adrenalin fuelled fun, then karting’s got to be the one!

The perfect guest list for your teenager

Now it’s time to think about the size. How large will the party be? Depending on the budget you need to decide how many people you want to invite to the party and after you have confirmed the date, time and location then you and your teen can get the invitations ready. Absolutely Karting can accommodate all different group sizes so just let us know how many you’ve got coming!

Party Food Preppin’


You’ve got to ask yourself, will your party include a meal? Would you expect to go to a party without a bite? Probably not. Teenagers are easy to please with food, it could be easy finger food, or even easier than that, just pizza! What teen doesn’t like pizza? And do you know who makes great Pizza? Absolutely Karting!

Will you need party decorations?


Do you have a room to decorate your designated party, or is it a house party? If you’re going to do an activity, is there a party room you can use? (There is at Absolutely Karting) If so, then you’ll need music. You’ll need to find out if you can bring your own and what can your party music be played on. Or will you be hiring a DJ? Having games and activities that teens can do can work well, but obviously, it’s a good idea to find out from them rather than trying to force them to play something they consider pretty lame!

Booking your Teenagers Birthday Party with us


If you book your party at Absolutely Karting, your party will be hosted by a team of professionals and dedicated staff and race stewards, to ensure that your party is both safe and awesome at the same time. After registration, a full safety briefing will be delivered by the race director to ensure that the teens are aware of how to drive safely around the track. Featuring state of the art impact absorbing technology, they’ll stay safe, while taking on the excitement of real racing, giving your champions bragging rights for months to come. Once everyone is suited up, it’s a quick question and answers session which is done to ensure that they are confident with the steering, acceleration and braking controls, as well as the rules of the track then… it’s racing time!

What’s included?

  • Downloadable birthday party invitations
  • Briefing including hints, tips and how to drive for first timers
  • Safety suits, karting helmets and gloves provided free of charge
  • Balaclavas included – yours to keep!
  • Up 30 minute track time, unlimited laps
  • Printed lap times to take home
  • Full medal presentation, post-race with medals for all participants
  • 45 minutes in our party room, after the race
  • Unlimited drinks* whilst in our party room
  • Pizzas to share for everyone (additional cost at Maidenhead)

All of the go karting parties require pre-booking which can be done easily via our enquiry form. We have tracks available in Bristol & Maidenhead.

Parents are of course welcome to join in the fun, but if your teen’s not up for that, we also have some great viewing stations so you can keep an eye on them and take lots of great photos.


So, whether you choose to book your party with Absolutely Karting or go rock your own awesome teen party somewhere else, we hope that you found all you need to know from our essential teen party planner and have an amazing party!

*Drinks include jugs of squash.