2nd Mar 2018

Planning an absolutely awesome stag?

Planning a stag do can be a daunting task for anyone – especially those who are logistically challenged. The dates, location, accommodation, transport, activities and vital details such as the budget, insurance and check in/out times all need to be thoroughly considered. We’re not trying to scare you, we just know that a stag do as a pretty big deal, so we’re here to help you get it right:

In recent years, stag do numbers have peaked, with more grooms-to-be partaking in the tradition and party sizes growing alongside this. Typically, the best man will receive this duty; however the responsibility can be passed on to the next best alternative if it is well-known that the best man isn’t in fact the best man for the job.

Due to the progression of the stag do concept, the choices of what to do are endless. Numerous locations across the globe have been identified as hotspots and groups have been continuously expanding due to friends of friends, work colleagues and family from both sides now jumping on the bandwagon. Many see it as an excuse for a holiday, especially as for some this will be the only opportunity for a break during the year.

That being said, the amount of information and choice on these websites can be overwhelming if starting from scratch and have no prior thoughts on location or activities. The “old fashioned” and best way to do it is still by setting up a Whatsapp/Facebook group to keep everyone updated and in the loop.

If you are struggling to decide on activities, indoor go karting is a firm favourite in the stag do world. Historically, it is the number one daytime activity and is currently a trending activity for all stag dos taking place throughout 2018.

If it wasn’t already common knowledge, Britain is undeniably the home of motorsport – with many of the most advanced motor racing teams such as F1’s McClaren, Williams and Redbull based here.

Go karting is such a popular stag activity because it’s:

  • Affordable – many stags and their parties will have a tight budget
  • Non-weather permitting – ideal for those winter stags
  • Ideal for those who wish to stay in the UK
  • Suitable for all ages – if the father-in-law/younger brothers are attending they can still take part
  • Booze-free – ideal for those who don’t drink or those who wish to be included before the drinking begins later on
  • Brings out the competitive side in everyone – trophies are included for the best drivers

At Absolutely Karting, we offer bespoke stag do packages across all three of our tracks for groups of up to 40 drivers. Our race director provides a full safety briefing once your team has been registered, followed by a Q&A session once your party has suited up. This is implemented to ensure safety around the track.

From that point on, our team of dedicated and professional Race Stewards will make sure that your group is not only safe, but have fun at the same time. All stag dos require a pre-booking which can be done via phone on 0300 30 33 548 or by submitting an enquiry form which can be found on our website:  https://www.absolutely-karting.co.uk/events/stag-do-hen-do/