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Our Absolutely Karting Club offers members exclusive deals and unlimited “Arrive & Drive” sessions for just £21.99 a month.

>> Unlimited “Arrive & Drive” sessions <<

>> Fast track briefing <<

>> Invites to member only events <<

>> Free balaclava and gloves <<

>> 10% Off Race wear <<


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AKC is Absolutely Karting’s exclusive membership deal, offering members unlimited go karting sessions as well as member-only events, fast track briefings and free a balaclava and pair of gloves. This membership is ideal for anyone who loves the exhilaration and thrill of karting.

Why Become an AKC member with Absolutely Karting?

This one of a kind membership offer is especially exciting because you won’t find safer go karts with engines this size anywhere else in the UK! Our brand new Sodi GT5 Go-Karts boast a massive 270cc petrol powered Honda engines, ensuring all race will be an unforgettable experience.


The benefits of AKC Karting

Members can enjoy a wealth of benefits by joining Absolutely Karting Club. Here are just some of the awesome exclusive offers:

Free balaclava and gloves

Get your hands on our super cool balaclava and pair of gloves to look the part when on the track!

Fast track briefing

As an AKC member, we trust that you will be able to know how to keep yourself and other drivers around you safe whilst on the track, and that’s why we offer a fast track to briefing – which means less time waiting and more time racing!

Invites to member only events

All our AKC members will be invited to exclusive events where they will be able to meet fellow racers. These events will help improve your driving skills whilst having a great time.

Unlimited “Arrive & Drive” sessions

Arrive & Drive is the best way to get quick access to the tracks. (Take out line – do still need to book haha) Come along and race against new people each time and really put your karting to the test.

10% Off Race wear

Complete the look and drive in comfort with our top of the range racing gear at a discounted price just for AKC members.

For more information on these exclusive benefits, plus more, contact a member of the team today.

What does the AKC membership offer?

The main benefit of signing up to join our Absolutely Karting Club is unlimited “Arrive & Drive” sessions.

“Arrive & Drive” sessions are open timed events. You will be on the track for anything between 20 -30 minutes and at the end of your session you will get all your race information including your fastest lap time.


With unlimited “Arrive & Drive” sessions, you are sure to improve your lap time and bring out your inner Schumacher! Come along with your friends and family to really start the competition.

By joining the Absolutely Karting Club, you will also get invited to our exclusive member only events which will help you improve your karting skills. Contact us today for more information on our member only events.

Contact us today more information on our member only events.

By becoming an Absolutely Karting Club member, you will be able to take advantage of our expert indoor endurance circuit go kart tracks that has been specifically designed to reflect the layout and features of a genuine international race track. Whether you’re closest to our Maidenhead or Bristol track, we offer a bespoke driving experience that is unrivalled by any other track across the UK.

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