17th Aug 2018

Indoor vs Outdoor Racing



Being protected from our massively unpredictable British weather is a huge reason for choosing an indoor karting track. You’ll never have to cancel a drive because the weather man got it wrong, or because it’s too wet, cold or hot.  Covered, climate controlled venues mean you’ll always get to race whatever the season may be outside. So when the cold winter days come, it doesn’t mean an end to your go-karting passion, likewise, through these warmer summer days, cool off indoors with some high speed racing.  Indoor tracks also give people the opportunity to drive late into the evening because they are not light dependent either.

Track layout

Indoor tracks need to fit into a smaller floor space, but this means that they are more creative and fun, boasting different levels, hills, and bridges, and more twists and turns than larger outdoor equivalents. With narrower lanes too, an indoor track is actually more technically challenging for mastering corners and for overtaking – perfect if you want to hone your driving and overtaking skills.

Indoor lanes are smoother and slicker too because of being under a roof, and much safer for fun seekers and beginners. The bumpers lining the track offer great protection as well, especially for newcomers to the sport. Any steering mistakes or overshooting a corner doesn’t have to mean the end of a session, whereas outside, with few barriers, do the same and risk spinning and taking yourself out of the race.



You get to experience the whole offering of mother nature driving outdoors. Each time will be unique as you could drive through misty, freezing fog, glaring sun, or anything ranging from torrential rain to pelting hail! But what’s for sure is that you never know what you’ll come up against driving under an open sky. That’s the chance you take, and there lies the excitement that comes with the unexpected. It’s perhaps not the best option for absolute beginners or those just wanting to have some fun around the track. And as with adverse conditions on normal roads, a wet or icy track can be slippery and dangerous.

Track layout

Outdoor tracks are much longer than indoor versions so you can build up faster speeds along the straights. With less restriction on space, lanes are also much wider making overtaking easier with greater widths to manoeuvre around opponents. Nearly all top amateur and professional karting championships are held on outdoor tracks, making it much more of a stomping ground for those practising for competitions.

Both choices have their perks, but one thing to consider is availability and accessibility. Getting to an outdoor track might prove trickier than finding an indoor place, and for that reason travel costs might be higher. There is often an indoor track in most cities, so you can come and play and enjoy the thrill of racing much more often.

Absolutely Karting have two different locations – Maidenhead and Bristol – and we also have late night sessions, so if you fancy a mid-week fix, at very flexible times, and whatever the weather, nothing’s going to stop your need for speed!