19th Nov 2018

How to WIN at business socials

Go-Karting with your work colleagues or clients is slightly different to go-karting with your mates. With your mates, it’s all about the “bants”, it’s about the winning, not the taking part and it’s all a good laugh. With clients or colleagues it can be a different ball, or should we say racing game. You may not know them that well or you might be trying to impress them, either way, go-karting as a business social is great for bonding and team building. We know you’ll still want to win, so here’s a few tips on how to do that without it being so obvious.

Get in position

Make sure you’re sitting correctly as your posture can make a big difference to how the kart handles and accelerates. Sit comfortably with your back up against the seat and most importantly, make sure you’re close enough to the pedals to achieve full throttle. Resist the urge to lean forward as you race as this will slow you down.

Don’t move your hands

Keep your hands at the ‘quarter to three’ position at all times and don’t let go. This will give you more precise control over the kart, and you‘ll be able to react to slides much faster.

Brake hard

Kart brakes only act on the rear wheels, meaning braking like you do in a road car simply won’t work. The best way to brake in a kart is the opposite to on the road: you should hit the brakes hard initially so they almost lock, then as you get closer to the apex of corner, gradually and smoothly release them.

Don’t Lean in

As you approach each corner, avoid leaning your body towards the apex as doing this will place more weight over your inside wheels which is the exact opposite of what’s needed. Instead, sit square in the seat and keep the weight distributed over the centre of the kart.

Use all of the track

You are allowed to use as much of the track as you like, so utilise every centimetre to go faster. The wider you can make each corner by being at the circuit’s edge on entry and exit, and getting right on the apex, the easier it will be to carry more speed.

Look ahead

Look ahead of the track to anticipate the moves you’ll be making next. That way, you avoid unnecessary braking and slow-downs, and will keep your speeds and momentum high.

Avoid braking while turning

Your tires could lose traction, causing you to spin out more easily. Braking is smoothest when you’re going straight.

One at a time

Don’t apply the brake and accelerator simultaneously. Doing so will cause the engine to stop. Not a good look on the track!

Get ahead

Master the art of overtaking and get your way to the front.

Lighten up

Wear light clothing – think t-shirts and trainers, rather than heavy knits and work shoes.

Enjoy yourself

Keep a clear head and avoid any anger and stress, you’ll have more chance of winning if you enjoy yourself!

Remember, being a quick driver comes from driving better, not driving harder, so build your speed up gradually and have fun!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to kick-start your work social, or want to get competitive with your colleagues this festive season, Absolutely Karting has everything you need for a fun-filled real racing experience to suit any budget and requirements.

Gold package:

  • Minimum 90 minute track experience
  • Tag team race
  • Medals for podium finishers
  • Add Pizzas to share for only £5 each

Go Karting Prices:

1000m multi-level track:

Mon – Fri: £150 per team (min 5 teams)

Weekend: £197 per team (min 10 teams)


Go Karting Silver Package:

  • One hour track experience
  • Ten minute qualifier then two 15 minute races
  • Medals for podium finishers
  • Add Pizzas to share for only £5 each

Go Karting Prices:

1000m Track: from £50 each

800m Track: from £40 each


Go Karting Bronze package:

  • Half hour track experience
  • 5 minute qualifier then a 20 minute race
  • Medals for podium finishers
  • Minimum 5 drivers – you may be sharing the track with other drivers.
  • Add Pizzas to share for only £5 each

Go Karting Prices:

1000m Track: £40 each

800m Track: £30 each

For a safe, clean, fun and alternative Christmas party where no one will wake up with any regrets but just great memories, BOOK NOW ON 0300 30 33 548.