17th Sep 2018

Here at Absolutely Karting we recognise that everyone needs to start somewhere and we want everyone to enjoy the thrill of go karting, whether it’s your first time or your one hundredth. Here are some top tips from our Absolutely Karting staff to help you start off on the right foot, or should we say wheel…

Perfect your posture and positioning:

Have no fear; our staff will be on hand to help you position yourself properly in the kart. You should sit up straight, but comfortably, with your back resting flat against the seat. Your legs should be slightly bent so that you can reach the pedals easily, with the steering wheel at a relaxed arm’s length. Correct positioning will help you maintain momentum, whereas leaning forward will reduce your speed.

Smooth and steady steering:

If you’re familiar with driving a car, you’ll be aware of the preferred ‘10 to 2’ hand positioning on the steering wheel. Keep this in mind when karting and leave your hands positioned either at ‘10 to 2’ or ‘quarter to 3’, whichever position you prefer, as long as your hands are symmetrical. Unlike cars, karts have very sensitive steering so it is incredibly important to turn the wheel smoothly and gradually to avoid understeer, which is where the front of the kart slides. Keeping your hands still on the wheel will ensure that you maintain control over the kart.

Keep looking ahead:

If you keep looking more than a few metres in front of your kart, you’ll be able to better anticipate the course and the manoeuvres you’ll have to make. Having plenty of preparation time and knowing where best to position your kart when approaching corners will help to maintain your momentum and speed.

Controlled braking:

First thing’s first; the right pedal is the accelerator and the left is the brake. The harder you press on the accelerator, the faster you’ll go. Make sure you become familiar with using both pedals during your first couple of practice laps so that you avoid sudden braking, which causes you to lose momentum and slows you down. Karts only have brakes on their back wheels so especially avoid slamming them down on a corner so that the kart doesn’t spin out of control.

Corner control:

Seeing as keeping the kart straight as much as possible enables you to pick up speed, it’s really important to know how best to approach tricky corners so you don’t lose momentum. Remember to always brake smoothly whilst on a straight line before you turn and enter the corner. Brake before you enter, then maintain pace through the apex, before accelerating out onto victory. Remember: ‘in slow, out fast’.

Our biggest tip is to just enjoy yourself! Try not to feel intimidated by other drivers, as they also had to start somewhere, just like you. If you focus on your own driving, follow these tips and just keep practicing, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a great racer in no time.