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19th Mar 2019

A Day in the Life of a Go Kart Mechanic

Whizzing round the go karting tracks at top speed is what most of us are here for at Absolutely Karting. That exhilarating buzz as you beat your top speeds.

But what happens on the inside?

Without the Go Karting mechanic fixing up our karts, and making sure they are of premium quality, we’d get absolutely nowhere.

Absolutely Karting’s head mechanic Ollie, the karting guru explains what it’s really like to work alongside the karts on a day-to-day basis.

The Go Karts: Day to Day


With 42 Karts to take care of, and only me and my part time apprentice to do the job, it’s a huge responsibility that requires a colossal amount of mechanical knowledge and experience.

First thing’s first, I get into work and check over all the go karts. I check the tyre pressures, the tyre tread levels, the oil levels and of course I have to make sure the breaks work as it could be a disaster if they didn’t.

With go karts – If anything is wrong with them you find out there and then.

Through-out the day, I spend my time working on a multitude of jobs, from fixing damaged go karts to servicing and cleaning karts.

So as you can see, I have to know the ins and outs of the karts like the back of my hand, to prevent you from getting in a faulty go kart with damaged brakes and ending up flying into a wall.

Through-out the servicing procedure, these Karts are checked over with a fine tooth comb.

The covers are stripped off and absolutely everything is checked, fixed, cleaned and scrubbed to ensure they are perfect and ready to allow you to achieve the most tip-top go karting you can.

“Anybody who comes during the day will crash at least once!”


Well whilst it’s great to know you aren’t the only person who crashes when Go Karting, my primary job every day is fixing the crash damage from people losing control and putting the kart through the wall.

90% of the time it’s not too bad an incident so we just give the go kart a quick check over whilst on track, we go red on the lights, get the person out the go kart, check the kart over and then put them back in it if it’s fine.

If there’s anything wrong with it, it goes straight in the workshop and it’s fixed straight away and we’ll replace the persons kart straight away so they can get back on the tracks.

At Absolutely Karting we like to make the karts last around four to five years keeping them up to speed.

This means alongside the crash repair, a lot of what I do is preventative maintenance to avoid as much damage as possible.

This includes interchanging old parts for newer, more updated parts to help them last longer, and generally fixing things before they break.

“My job is my hobby”


Going to work for some is a drag but if you find something you really love and you can do it as a job you’re very lucky.

I learnt from watching my dad who was an engineer.

I caught the bug from there on after picking up my first spanner when I was just nine years old and taking apart the petrol lawnmower.

This lead to studying engineering at college which reassured my decision to become a mechanic, where my mechanical karting career began.

Fancy a career in Go Kart Mechanics?

You don’t need any qualifications, a lot of experience helps, and if you start young, you’re already ahead of the game.

If you fancy yourself as a go kart mechanic, get yourself a little banger of a lawn mower and have a play around, once you do one engine, they are all effectively the same.

Poke your head into any karting site, ask to wader round and keep an eye out for a karting workshop. If you want a chat with them, poke your head in and knock on the door.

Mechanics love to chat about what they do. They love explaining stuff to people who are interested.


So whether you’re generally interested in Karting Mechanics and how it works or looking to become a pro, or looking for a kart mechanic job then come on down to one of our tracks and say hello! Or Drop us a call on 0300 30 33 548 .