13th Dec 2017

An Alternative Christmas Party

It’s that time of year again

Some people dread it and others live for it – it’s time for the Office Christmas Party!

It’s always a tricky one to organise – at work you are thrown together with a group of people who you might not necessarily socialise with, you may all have different tastes, interests and ideas of what ‘having fun’ is. There’ll be a range of different ages, cultures and backgrounds – not everyone drinks and even if they did you’re never all going to agree on the same venue or food. But there must be a solution, something everyone could get on board with and something a bit different…..have you thought about…an Absolutely Awesome Go Karting Christmas Party?


A karting Christmas party really does take away all of the hassle, you don’t need to pick a go karting venue, you certainly don’t need to traipse around the streets in the cold arguing about where to go, you don’t even need to worry about what to wear – our very own Absolutely Karting boiler suits and helmets will be provided.

In all seriousness though, there is nothing like a good bit of competition to get everyone bonding, the boss and the brand new intern could learn that they have more in common than they thought; the quiet guy who sits in the corner may relish in the fact that he doesn’t have to talk to anyone for the first hour and then afterwards, once the adrenaline is pumping and he’s thrashed everyone, he might never shut up about it! It’s a great way to break the ice for anyone who isn’t keen on work socials and it’s an awesome way to get people to work together for success.

What you’ll get:

At Absolutely Karting, we offer:

  • Exclusive track use
  • Live digital timing
  • Lap time print outs
  • Trophy presentations


How long will it last?

The parties can range from 1 hr to 3 hrs depending on the number of drivers and the event type you choose to do. Times are flexible to suit your party with the tracks opening up earlier to accommodate you.


What type of events are there?

Iron Man: A 10 minute qualifier, followed by a 40 minute race (8 – 14 drivers)
Monza: This consists of four 5 minute heats for each driver with 6 drivers taking part per heat. Drivers gain points based on their race position and the top 8 drivers after the heats will take part in a 10 minute final. (Up to 40 drivers)
Le Mans: Endurance style racing in which the length and price is dependent on the number of drivers. Turn based driving per team. Our Le Mans style endurance races are the ideal way to bring the whole office together for a fun, adrenaline fuelled team event. (Up to 70 drivers)

But what about food and drink?

Of course we wouldn’t forget food – Okay we don’t provide a Christmas dinner, but who wants more turkey after a full month of endless amounts of the stuff? Instead we have some fantastic pizzas which are freshly baked in house or can be ordered from a local partner with complimentary refreshments included. If you do want to get a bit merry afterwards then alcoholic drinks are also available at the Bristol tracks.

We are actually so flexible that if you would be prefer it, you are more than welcome to source your own catering and arrange to have it delivered to the tracks.


So, what’s stopping you?

For a safe, clean, fun and alternative Christmas party where no one will wake up with any regrets but just great memories, BOOK NOW ON 0300 30 33 548.