Corporate Events

Whether it’s a team building event for the office, your annual work social or just an opportunity to thrash your boss, we provide the best in corporate entertainment.

Our Le Mans style endurance races are the ideal way to bring the whole office together for a fun, adrenaline fuelled team event. If you’d prefer to go lone ranger and keep all the glory for yourself…our Monza Grand Prix is for you.

From as little as £40 per person you could be raring around our circuits in no time.

We can cater for your event with freshly baked pizzas.

Speak to our sales team now on 0300 30 33 548 to discuss your requirements.

Event Information

– Iron Man: A 10 minute qualifier, followed by a 40 minute race. A minimum of 8 drivers for half-track and a minimum of 10 for the full track. Prices starting at £40PP.

– Monza: This consists of four 5 minute heats for each driver with 6 drivers taking part per heat. Drivers gain points based on their race position and the top 8 drivers after the heats will take part in a 10 minute final. Prices start at £45pp with a minimum of 15 drivers.

– Le Mans: Endurance style racing in which the length and price is dependent on the number of drivers.